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3 Qualities

One of my favorite sections to include in wedding ceremonies is when we ask the couple, “What three qualities do you love about your partner?” This is not only one of the most beautiful parts of the ceremony, it is also a wonderful exercise for the future couple to do. Why?  Because it is an […]

8-Day Love Challenge

Take the Eight Day Love Challenge! Whether you are recent honeymooners or still in the planning phase, take this eight day Love Challenge together. Here we go! Day 1 – Tell each other what you are most grateful for in each other. Day 2 – Take a walk where you both take turns having your […]

Adding a Personal Touch: Simple Ways to Inject Personalization into Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, commitment, and the unique bond you share with your partner. Adding personal touches to your wedding can make it even more special and memorable. From incorporating meaningful rituals to involving loved ones in the ceremony, here are a few simple ideas to inject personalization into your big […]

Cancellation Insurance: Tips to Protect your Wedding Dollars

You’re likely investing many dollars into your big day, especially if you’re having it at a venue.  It’s also likely the venue has required you have event liability insurance. No one ever wants to think about cancelling all of the plans, but life happens and sometimes cancellation is your only option. Last night I received […]

Common Interests

Whether you are recent honeymooners or still in the planning phase, it is so important to remember what you both have in common for interests and hobbies! It is so important to spend that quality time together. I was recently talking to a couple that both love the outdoors. He loved to fly fish and […]

Deal Breaker

“Is there ever a time for divorce?”  I know this question is not a very fun one to think about however, with the current statistics, we all know divorce is real. So how do we avoid it? Do you and your fiancé or spouse have deal breaker rules?  Have you ever sat down and agreed […]

Family and Friends

As you know, once you say, ” I Do”, you are very much saying, “I Do” to your spouse’s family and friends. How do you feel about that? How much time do each of you spend with your individual family and friends? Is everything a go there? This is a great conversation to have with […]

Fear of Being the Center of Attention

Are you experiencing pre-wedding jitters fueled by the fear of being the center of attention on your big day? You’re not alone. Many soon-to-be brides and grooms grapple with this common anxiety as they anticipate walking down the aisle. Whether it’s the thought of all eyes on you during the ceremony or the pressure of […]


Money….this term can bring about a host of emotions for many couples. What is your relationship with money and finances? One of the biggest areas of challenge for many couples can be money. Do you need more of it? Do you not know what to do with it all? Are your wedding expenses causing stress? […]


How long does it take you to forgive each other? As you know, relationships have ups and downs, just like anything in life. What makes marriage so beautiful is it is an eternal commitment.  It just doesn’t make sense to hold on to any resentment. Practice forgiveness quickly. See where the other person was coming […]

Get More for Less: Stretching your Budget

Recently, on a Facebook group post, a Bride asked if it was okay to get married on a Monday.  It’s not only okay, it’s a smart way to stretch your wedding budget and get MORE for LESS! At Elevate Wedding Officiant, we perform hundreds of weddings each year and this gives us a great deal […]

Health Habits

Have you ever looked at each other’s health habits? This is one of those areas that can be a little more relevant once you say, ” I Do.”  We all have choices in how we operate our health on a day-to-day basis. This is usually most evident through our actions with exercise, nutrition, mindset, and certain […]

Hiring an Officiant

In the bride/wedding Facebook groups, we often see this post: “LOOKING FOR AN OFFICIANT FOR MY WEDDING” followed immediately with comments from others saying, “You don’t need to hire an officiant in Colorado, get a friend to do it for free!”  It’s true, in Colorado and many other states you can self-officiate or ask someone […]

Holiday Stress

Hello and Happy Holidays to all of our Elevate couples! We’re finally back in that time of year where we can enjoy some festive cheer and some extra special quality time with our significant others and families. There’s so much to do! There’s decorations to put up, gifts to buy, meals to make – and […]

How to Officiate a Wedding: Tips & Coaching for First-Time Officiants

Have you been asked to officiate a wedding?  Do you know where to get started? When an engaged couple asks you to be their wedding officiant, it is truly an honor; moreover, it highlights their trust and respect for you!  You may feel a full range of emotions from excitement to doubt, fear, anxiety and […]

In-Law Dynamics

Navigating In-Law Dynamics: Tips for a Harmonious Marriage When two individuals come together in marriage, they not only unite their lives but also their families. While blending different family dynamics can be rewarding, it can also lead to conflicts and challenges, especially when dealing with in-laws. Here are some valuable tips to help married couples […]


Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids are a blessing. They are a gift. They are your legacy. Have you and your fiancé talked about kids? Do you already have kids? Is your marriage a blended family? One of my favorite parts of our ceremonies is the Kid Vows. This is where the new step or bonus parent […]

Marriage Roles

Have you and your love talked about roles in the marriage yet?  Have you talked about who does what and when? This can be an area of a lot of difficulties especially when kids arrive.   Marriage is a team and it is the most important team in your life.  Is your marriage team winning?   Take […]

Mother Nature’s Interruptions

You’ve dreamt of having the ultimate Colorado wedding at the top of a mountain with deep blue sky and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.  You don’t even have to close your eyes to picture it, right?  What happens when Mother Nature interrupts your vision with her own plan? Colorado is a destination wedding location […]

Our Gratitude

Click on the picture below to watch our 2021 compliation video.  We are grateful to all of our couples. This compilation video is a showcase of our gratitude and joy for having the opportunity to help make our wedding couple’s day the absolute best! 🙂 by Keppen Laszlo, Officiant Emeritus and Founder of Elevate@elevateweddingofficiant

Past Relationships

What a gift it is to have found the love of your life!  Have you ever talked about your past relationships with each other?  Do you know why your past relationships didn’t work? Do you know the role you may have played in that? What’s great about our past is it teaches us how to […]

Premarital Counseling

The importance of premarital counseling: Why every couple should consider it. Getting engaged is an exciting time in any couple’s life, but it’s important to remember that marriage is a big commitment that requires effort and dedication. Premarital counseling is an excellent way for engaged couples to prepare for a strong and healthy marriage. In […]

Re-Ignite Your Love

Do you remember that sensation of first falling in love? There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of finding your true love, and knowing that this is the person you want to spend your life with. But as we all know, our honeymoon phase love for each other may not be shiny and new forever. […]

Relationship chemistry

Choosing and committing to a lifelong partner is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. How is your chemistry? Do you both click? Are you both attracted to each other inside and out? Chemistry is so important in a successful marriage. It is how a couple remains in sync with each other. Do […]

SCAM: Tips to Protect your Wedding Dollars

According to Forbes, the average cost of a wedding in 2024 is $33,000.  Whether you’re having a lavish 5-figure wedding or an intimate elopement, bad actors want to cash in on this and they’re ready to help you part with your money. Here are a few strategies that can help you navigate this new world […]

Schedule a date night

Keep your love ELEVATED with this simple, yet powerful practice! Keep your love ELEVATED with this simple, yet powerful practice! Have you followed us on instagram yet? See if your internet famous! @elevateweddingofficiant As a service to you, I will be sending out occasional marriage blogs like this one. Whether you just got married or […]

Talking Finances with your New Spouse

Getting married is such an exciting time. You’re in love, want to tell the world about it, and planning your lives together. What about when it comes to money though? Money is one of the most important parts of our lives, it affects everything we do. This can be a touchy topic in many relationships. […]

Unity Ceremonies

Unity ceremonies within your wedding symbolize your lives coming together as one and are oftentimes after the exchange of rings and before the proclamation. Common unity ceremonies are the lighting of candles, the blending of sand, or handfasting (the ultimate ‘tying of the knot’!).  When it comes to unity ceremonies, you can get as creative […]

Valentine’s Day

As with anything in life, the more effort we put in, the more we get out, right? Always hold dear to your special Valentine’s Day rituals. It is an easy day to take for granted the longer a couple is married.  You really do have the choice of whether you are going to become an […]

Walk and Talk

Happy June!  May love fill you with JOY this month!   If you’re reading this, you have recently been married or are getting married soon! This is such a beautiful time of year.  Make sure you are enjoying the outdoors as part of your connection plan!  It is hard to beat just strolling down a nice path […]

Wedding Planning Survival Guide

Wedding Planning Survival Guide Tips for staying sane and (fingers crossed) stress-free! Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life, but the journey to get there can be stressful and overwhelming. From managing vendors to dealing with family drama, there are many challenges that can arise during the wedding planning process. We want […]

Wedding Spam: Strategies for Peace of Mind

Getting engaged is so exciting!!  After sharing the news with friends, family, co-workers, social media connections and every one you come in to contact with, what’s the next thing you do? YOU SIGN UP FOR THINGS! You join wedding planning platforms like The Knot/Wedding Wire, Zola and ThumbTack and wedding Facebook groups in your area, […]

Weddings & Wellness Wisdom

Weddings & Wellness Wisdom… Something new from Elevate! We’re thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration that intertwines two essential aspects of life: weddings and wellness. At Elevate, we believe that these two elements go hand-in-hand, shaping not only our physical well-being but also our emotional and mental health as we embark on life’s most significant […]

Writing Vows

You have three choices when it comes to your wedding vows: Repeat-after-me Writing your own A combination of both Does the thought of writing your own vows terrify you?  Here are some strategies to help you through the anxiety: Write from your heart Many couples send me their written vows to make sure they are […]