Congratulations on finding the love of your life!

🌟 Elevate Your Moment with Us! 🌟
At Elevate Wedding Officiants, we understand that your love story deserves a ceremony as unique as your journey together. 💍✨ As professional public speakers and ordained ministers, our dedicated team specializes in crafting unforgettable ceremonies that reflect your personalities, values, and traditions.

✨💖 Your Love, Your Way 💖✨
We pride ourselves on officiant-based services tailored to your vision. Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony and just need a professional officiant, an intimate micro-wedding with up to 30 cherished guests, or envisioning a romantic elopement, our experienced team is committed to creating a ceremony that resonates with your love story.

Why Choose Elevate?
Professional Public Speakers: Our officiants excel in public speaking, ensuring your ceremony is eloquent and engaging.
Personalized Ceremony Script: Every word in the ceremony script we create for you is crafted uniquely for your love story.
Intimate Micro Weddings: Experience the magic of an intimate celebration surrounded by your closest loved ones while we handle the details. We’re dedicated to making your micro wedding stress-free and utterly memorable. Your only job? Bask in the joy of your special day while we bring your dream celebration to life.

Let’s Create Magic Together
Your wedding day is a canvas for your love story, and we’re here to elevate every moment. Contact us today and let’s craft a ceremony that celebrates your love in its purest form. 💖✨

Keeping an Eye 👀 on your Budget
One of the most important pricing factors in choosing an Officiant is the distance they’d have to travel to your ceremony.  We have officiants located from Broomfield to Colorado Springs to help keep your cost down… and we’re looking for more in the mountains and southern Colorado!  Check out our The Elevate Officiant Team page and get to know our talented people!

Whether you are looking for an officiant or a micro wedding package, our team of officiants will cater to your needs and assure you that your wedding will be elevated for the two of you as well as your guests. We hold the title of officiant very dear to our hearts and will make sure you and your guests will never forget your special day.

Our renowned Elevate Wedding Ceremony includes our pre-wedding discussions and complete customization of your ceremony; this experience will exceed your expectations!

Our professional team of writers and public speakers will craft a ceremony that shines the spotlight on your love, without the fuss. Experience a beautifully conducted service tailored to your preferences, letting your love story take center stage.

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our popular Elopement Ceremony Package. Let us handle the details – from picturesque site locations to capturing every magical moment through professional photography. Make your intimate elopement an unforgettable celebration of love.

An, of course, the package includes everything in the Elevate Wedding Ceremony package.

Indulge in the bliss of your special day with our Micro Wedding Ceremony Package. Elevate the intimacy with exquisite flowers, delectable cake, and bubbly champagne while our on-site coordinators ensure every detail is flawlessly orchestrated. Celebrate your love without compromise, surrounded by beauty and guided by our dedicated team.

Includes everything in the Elevate Wedding Ceremony and Elopement packages.

Starts at $529

Starts at $2,165

Installment plan is available

Pricing Dependent on Options

Installment plan is available