Unity ceremonies are a beautiful way to end your wedding, typically done just prior to the proclamation, and symbolize the coming together as a couple.

Below you will find some of the most popular unity ceremonies we’ve done at Elevate… but you aren’t limited to these!  Get creative or ask for assistance in creating a truly custom unity ceremony. We’ve done volcano ceremonies, beer and bourbon, and many others!

We can’t take credit for writing or creating these ceremonies as we’re not really certain where they originated.  Many thanks go out to the creative people on the Internet for sharing their wisdom so that we can, in turn, share it with you.

Champagne & Chocolate Ceremony

EQUIPMENT: Champagne glasses for couple, champagne (already poured into glasses), 2 pieces of dark chocolate, table

INSTRUCTION: Couple will take a sip of champagne and a bit of the dark chocolate.

OFFICIANT SAYS: We will now perform the Champagne and Chocolate ceremony. In your marriage, there will be days of great sweetness, and days of bitter sorrow. There will be celebrations, and there will be tears. There will be triumphs, and there will be tragedies.

Life holds indescribable happiness in store for you both – and unavoidable pain, as well. And so to symbolize your acceptance of this reality, today you will share the bitter and the sweet, just as you will share them in the years to come.

(Name) and (Name) take and eat this bitter, dark chocolate. Taste in it the dark days which will test your marriage and test its strength. It represents disappointment, illness and grief. Know that these hard times will come, and with them, the opportunity to deepen your bond as a couple.

Now, (Name) and (Name), take and drink this sweet Champagne. Taste in it the sweetness and light that will fill your marriage with joy. Savor the fruits of this wine, just as you will savor every happiness that you bring each other. It represents shared laughter, your children’s first steps, your golden anniversary. Delight in it, as you will delight in your spouse and your life together.

Handfasting Ceremony during Wedding Vows

EQUIPMENT: Two feet of cords or fabrics braided together.  These can be symbolic of your colors, or fabrics that are meaningful such as from your wedding gown or a deceased family members’ favorite clothing.  Or get really creative and braid many different cords and you can even add charms as one of our couple’s did!

INSTRUCTION: Officiant will wrap couple’s hands in cord/fabric. At conclusion, when couple pulls their hands out while simultaneously pulling on the loose ends, an infinity knot will form.  The version here is done during the repeat-after-me vows.

OFFICIANT SAYS: For those guests who are not familiar with handfasting, the cords we use are a physical symbol of a spiritual bond. With each promise the couple makes, the cord is knotted, representing the unbreakable love the two share, and their commitment to honor and support one another always.

(Couple face each other left hand on top of left hand – the cords are laid over the hands)

(The below is an example when the couple chooses specific cord colors):

The first cord is the color of a sunflower – yellow – symbolizing optimism, joy, happiness and friendship.

The second cord is the color of the sunflower stem – sage green – symbolizing wisdom, intelligence and experience.

Our last cord is the color of all colors – white – symbolizing purity, perfection, balance, and clarity.

These cords are a symbol of the lives you have chosen to lead together. They are a symbol of the intertwining of your lives.

Up until this moment, you have been separated in thought, word and action. As these cords symbolically bind your hands together, so your lives become intertwined and your lives and spirits joined in a union of love and trust.

Insert wedding vows

If you will each grab a loose end and as you remove your hands from under the cord, pull the ends of your cord.

Keep this infinity knot with you for the years ahead and let it remind you of the promises you made here today.

You cannot go through life physically tied together so now you will exchange rings as an outward symbol of your union today.

Marriage License Signing Ceremony

EQUIPMENT: Marriage license, ink pen, table

INSTRUCTION: Couple will sign their marriage license during the wedding ceremony.

OFFICIANT SAYS: To make a marriage complete, a marriage license is signed. Both (Name) and (Name) have spoken their vows and exchanged rings as a commitment to each other. With each of their signatures on this marriage license, they are taking the next step for their forever commitment to each other. At this time, (Name), please sign your name here. (Name), please sign your name here.

Keepsake Box Wine & Letter Ceremony

EQUIPMENT: Keepsake box, bottle of your favorite wine, and letters written by each to the other, table

INSTRUCTION: Couple will place the unopened letters into the box to open on your first anniversary.

OFFICIANT SAYS: Just like a fine wine that gets better every year, this couple will perform a marriage unity ceremony showing just that. This keepsake box is a special one. They are going to place a bottle of wine and two very special letters they have written to each other. This box will remain closed and at their one year anniversary, they will be able to share a glass of wine and their letters.

As you are about to put the bottle of wine and letters into the keepsake box as a symbolic gesture of coming together as one, think about the strengths you both share now coming together as one. You both are strong, passionate, loving, caring, and supportive of each other. As you put your bottle of wine and letters into the box, your values will double in strength and get better and better every year. Let’s place the items in the box now.

Sand Ceremony

ADVICE:  Choose smaller size vessels for both the sand and final container.

EQUIPMENT: Small containers of colored sand, one for each person who will be participating (this is a great activity with kids to symbolize the merging of your families!), and a larger container that can close in which to pour the sand.

INSTRUCTION: Each person will pour their container of sand into the larger container.

OFFICIANT SAYS: Today you join your separate lives together. The separate bottles of sand symbolize your separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends. They represent all that you are as an individual.

As these containers of sand are poured into the larger container, the individual containers of sand will be joined together as one combining to create something new. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be. 

Unity Candle Ceremony

ADVICE:  Best done indoors with permission from your venue.  Mother Nature has a tendency to blow out the candles outdoors.

EQUIPMENT: Three candles (two of which are smaller such as a tapered candle), lighter, table

INSTRUCTION: The couple will each light a taper candle.  Together they will lite the center candle from the other two. All three candles will remain lit. One candle each representing their individuality, the larger candle represents the unity of their new family.

OFFICIANT SAYS: I would like you each to light your candle. Your individual candles represent your love and commitment for each other. As these candles come together as one, this symbolizes your commitment to each other, and to a lasting and loving marriage. (Name) and (Name) please light your candle. Now, together, light the center candle as a symbol of your forever unity and love for each other.