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The inaugural edition will be available by 8/1/2024.

Are you and your partner gearing up for the big day? As the excitement builds, let PepTalks guide you through every step of your wedding countdown. Our expert advice is designed to make your journey to the altar smooth, stress-free, and full of joy.

What is PepTalks?

PepTalks is a subscription newsletter service crafted to support couples pre-ceremony in the months leading up to their wedding. From the moment you subscribe, you’ll receive tailored advice and tips from industry experts to ensure that your special day is everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

What You’ll Get:

Welcome Newsletter

Kickstart your journey with a warm welcome and essential tips to set the stage for the months ahead.

Countdown Newsletters

  • 90 Days Out: Dive into strategic wedding planning, relationship advice, wellbeing tips, and practical life management as you enter the three-month mark.
  • 60 Days Out: Get in-depth guidance on finalizing plans, nurturing your relationship, staying healthy, and handling the nitty-gritty details.
  • 30 Days Out: Focus on last-minute preparations, maintaining emotional balance, and ensuring everything is ready for your big day.

Bonus Newsletter

  • 30 Days Post-Wedding: Celebrate your new chapter with advice on transitioning into married life, post-wedding wellbeing, and managing the business of life together.

Expert Advice in Four Key Areas:

Wedding Planning



Business of Life

From wedding tips to last-minute checklists, we cover every detail to make your day perfect.

Strengthen relationships with expert advice on communication, conflict resolution, and building a strong partnership.

Stay healthy and stress-free with wellness tips, self-care routines, and mental health support.

Navigate financial planning, household management, and other practical aspects of life as a married couple.

Why subscribe to PepTalks?


Our newsletters are curated by top professionals in the wedding, relationship, wellness, and life management fields.


Receive timely advice that aligns with your wedding countdown.


Enjoy the confidence that comes with being well-prepared for one of the most important days of your life.

Sign up for PepTalks today and take the first step towards a joyful, stress-free wedding experience. Let us be your trusted companion as you count down to your big day and beyond!

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