Marriage Retreats

We believe that marriage is a joyful lifelong commitment. Will it have its ups and downs… of course!  That’s how we grow as individuals and people.  We don’t believe couples should compromise, we believe couples should be in mutual understanding and agreement.  We know how important marriage counseling is but many times, this isn’t the proactive approach. Why not work on the continuation of elevating your marriage, versus only trying to fix it when it needs fixing? 

As a benefit to the couples we marry, we hold Elevate Marriage Retreats and Workshops.
Reach out to us for the next upcoming date!  

In the meantime, sit down with your fiance/spouse and enjoy Chapter 17: The Habits of Marriage, from my book , Elevate: Self Awareness through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment.  This chapter gives the Top Twenty Questions that are musts for marriage success.