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Getting Married in Colorado

In Colorado, you can get a marriage license in ANY county… it doesn’t have to be the county in which you’re getting married and there are reasons why you’d want to avoid it!

Example: You’re flying in to Denver International Airport and traveling to Estes Park.  You might find it easier – and fit in better with your schedule – to obtain the license from a county on your route.

Better example: You’ve chosen to get married in Summit County.  Their appointment times fill up FAST!  It’s probably smarter to stop by the very small Clear Creek county clerks office in Georgetown on your way to Summit County; just don’t show up at lunchtime as they may not have anyone there.

Each county has their own rules if appointments are required or if you can just drop in.  Hours vary as do the days of the week that they are open.  We encourage you to visit the county’s website for accurate information.


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