Friend or Family as Officiant

Being asked to perform such a significant role such as marriage officiant is an honor, but it also comes with its responsibilities. Our Officiant Coaching package is designed to equip your chosen friend or family member with the knowledge and confidence they need to create a memorable and heartfelt ceremony. From understanding legal requirements and crafting a personalized script, to knowing what to do on your special day, our coaching will ensure that your special day is both meaningful and seamless.

Our training saves time, navigates the potential challenges, and eases the anxiety for your chosen officiant. We equip your officiant with public speaking skills, creative insights, and the tools to transform your vision into a memorable reality. Whether it’s understanding legal requirements or handling unexpected situations, our training ensures that your special day unfolds smoothly and authentically.

Let us empower your officiant to make your wedding ceremony truly unforgettable!


$265 Full coaching package


$129 Ceremony script only

Ceremony Basics

You CAN do it all yourself!

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