Elopement and Micro Wedding Location Guide


ELOPEMENT, by our definition, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re running off for a secret wedding… but it can. An elopement is often a very small, intimate ceremony with just an officiant (or self-officiating) and photographer. It can also be with a few of your closest loved ones too.

Common characteristics:

  • Simple ceremony with vows, ring exchange, and the kiss. The ceremony can have prayers, scriptures and readings as well.
  • No decorations and oftentimes no flowers including bouquets.
  • No chairs (guests stand).

Micro Wedding

A MICRO WEDDING, is a bit more. Micro weddings are designed for up to 50 guests (average 25).

Common characteristics:

  • A full ceremony or an abbreviated version
  • The entire vibe can be fancy or laid back… it’s up to you!
  • Outdoors in a park or scenic spot OR indoors in a venue/home
  • Chairs and decor
  • Flowers for the bridal party
  • Cake and treats for guests
  • Toasting the couple
  • First dance
  • It doesn’t have to include a meal! You can have it simple with just cake and a champagne toast, just appetizers and dessert, a catered meal (sit-down or buffet) or even a backyard BBQ. Many couples opt for the ceremony at one site and a full reception at a restaurant.

Parks and Public Lands: Permits

Colorado is a beautiful state and you can get married almost anywhere with an assurance of majestic views! However, there are some rules-of-thumb about permits. Some of the most popular sites (like Sapphire Point Overlook) will require a permit no matter the size of your group.

NOTE: There is a difference between a permit (reservation) and a photography permit. Professional photographers will know if a special photography permit is required. It’s always best with public lands to hire a photographer familiar with the area… and they’ll know the best spots!

0-10 Guests: If you’re planning an elopement with up to 10 guests, typically you will be able to get married almost anywhere in nature without needing a reservation or permit.

  • The limit in Denver (i.e. Red Rocks) is 5 people including the couple, officiant, and photographer.
  • Getting married in Rocky Mountain National Park requires a permit.
  • At many public land locations, chairs are not allowed.

10-50 Guests: You’re more likely to need a reservation or permit with this group size particularly if you’re planning a micro wedding with chairs and some decor.

50+ Guests: A brick-and-mortar wedding venue will be the most suitable option for a group of this size. In addition to a venue, consider hiring a wedding planner or day of coordinator to help manage your group.

While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of third party information. The legend provided is based on our experience or to the best of our knowledge.

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Understanding the Table


Indicates if site or venue is viable for a micro wedding

Fee applies; if in red, the fee is more than $500

We’ve tried to determine accessibility issues for every location. Understand many locations are in Mother Nature’s backyard so paths may be bumpy and uneven.

Parking is a challenge with MOST public, outdoor locations that have parking. It’s always best to have guests car pool.

Availability of restroom facilities. Quality varies greatly when available.

If you're looking for a quiet site with no foot traffic, then steer clear of the red icons!

Staying hydrated is important! We’ve indicated if fresh water is available.

Colorado weather changes quickly! This icon indicates if covered shelter is available.


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