Elevate is one of the largest wedding officiant companies in Colorado (if not THE largest) with a team of hand-picked professional public speakers who are also ordained ministers.  We are proud our officiant team includes Christian pastors, spiritual leaders, personal development coaches and those with a theatrical background!  While we will be happy to select an Officiant for you, we encourage you to read their bios and get to know them.

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Denise O'Malley, Owner / Officiant

Home base: Metro-Denver

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Denise O’Malley has been an accomplished public speaker since a child delivering talks for small groups to audiences in the thousands. She thrives on creating inspirational and memorable moments for all.

Professionally, Denise is the Founder of You Define Wellness, a worldwide community of independent health & wellness professionals who support clients with education, goal setting, and access to alternative & holistic healing services.

Denise and her husband, Bill, are empty nesters who were married in 1995 in front of a beautiful fireplace at a local venue… she finds it incredibly funny that the venue has since remodeled and that fireplace is now in the women’s restroom.  Understanding that you have to laugh at life sometimes, and to the chagrin of her three adult children, Denise is determined to renew her vows in the same location!

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Dr. Keppen Laszlo, Officiant Emeritus

Home base: Metro-Denver

Officiant Emeritus, Dr. Keppen Laszlo, has been presiding over weddings for years, and as an accomplished professional speaker with decades of experience, Keppen will delight in guiding you through your marital vows.

Before becoming an officiant Keppen served as CEO for a series of companies. He has written motivational books and his writings have been featured in publications such as the New York Times and USA Today.

He discovered his passion for officiating after conducting his friend’s ceremony. Since then, Keppen has developed a distinctive officiating style that will surely endear you and your significant other. He is ordained and based on previous wedding ceremonies, he is now a preferred officiant for several local wedding venues.

Due to high demand, Keppen accepts limited bookings for the Elevate Wedding Ceremony package.

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Rev. Dr. David Goldberg, Officiant

Home base: Metro-Denver

David Goldberg

Rev. Dr. David Goldberg is passionate about people and servant leadership, and especially loves officiating for couples. He is an ordained minister with four earned degrees including a Bachelor’s in Journalism; a Masters in Communication; a Masters in Consciousness Studies and a Ph.D. in Ethical and Creative Leadership.

David has served as minister at Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center in Denver, CO, for the past two years and has visited 70 countries for service, business and pleasure.

David is honored to have worked with hundreds of couples and families recognizing all of life’s rituals, including the joyful gatherings that are the celebration of love at its finest, weddings.

Donna Riccardo, Officiant

Home base: Metro-Denver

Donna Riccardo

As a leader in Toastmasters, Donna has earned the highest award of Distinguished Toastmaster. She is a trained NLP practitioner and was the Director for BNI. Donna is a dynamic speaker with over 30 years experience. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, a published author, a frequent podcast guest, and has her own public speaking company. As a program leader, Donna trains and coaches entrepreneurs on how to speak to be more visible and get known as an expert in their field.

Donna moved to Centennial in 2000 and loves spending time with her handsome husband. She enjoys social and competition ballroom dancing, swing and Latin dancing, cooking, reading, fashion, yoga, meditation and the amazing blue skies of Colorado. She is passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives, particularly in the area of relationships. She lives by the quote, “all we really have is each other.”

Jo Burns, Officiant

Home base: Metro-Denver

Jo Burns

Jo and her husband, Brian, have been married for 33 years. They have 2 kids, a son in college and a daughter in high school. Jo believes that love is love and we all need some in our lives. Love is our most powerful connection to others. Jo is a national speaker and workshop facilitator and a member of the National Speaker Association – Colorado.

Jo has worked in non-profit, public, and higher education settings most of her career and is the owner of Jo Burns Connects LLC. Jo is a skillful connector with 20+ years of experience and is a recognized expert in parks and public health arenas.

Jo is a playful and witty human being that enjoys being outdoors and active. She loves bringing people together for fun, recreation, education and love. She believes there is something magical that happens when people gather around a common goal. Jo’s mission in life is to make a difference in the world…one connection at time.

Robert Peterson, Officiant

Home base: Metro-Denver

Robert is an ordained pastor, with a BA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Intercultural Studies. He spent 10 years as a pastor in South America and 10 years as an Outreach Pastor in Highlands Ranch. He has traveled to more than 30 countries and spoken in dozens.

He has been married for thirty years with two children. Robert is fluent in Spanish. He is an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, and couples coach. He loves Ford Broncos, Stock Car Racing, and traveling with his wife and grandchildren.

Sheila Swanson-McIntyre, Officiant

Home base: Metro-Denver

Sheila is passionate about joining couples together for a joyful celebration of the heart. Having served as a Professional Wedding Coordinator and Certified Life Coach she understands how to navigate the mixture of emotions you may have on your special day. She is an expert in bringing a fun, lighthearted perspective, making sure your ceremony runs smoothly.

Throughout her 30 years of marriage, she understands what it takes to nurture a successful union. Sheila has 43 years of experience teaching, directing for the theatre, leading life improving workshops, conducting events for Fortune 500 companies, and she is an award-winning actress.

She also plays the delightful Mrs. Claus during the holiday season, bringing joy to children of all ages (and yes, you can hire Mrs. Claus to officiate your ceremony).

Sheila looks forward to being a part of your memorable day.

Rachel March, Officiant

Home base: Metro-Denver

Rachel March, a third-generation Colorado native, is not your average wedding officiant – she is a multi-talented individual who brings a unique blend of warmth, creativity, and experience to every ceremony. Born and raised against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Rachel’s deep connection to the beauty of Colorado is ingrained in her spirit.

As an accomplished actress and voice-over artist, Rachel understands the power of storytelling. Her ability to captivate an audience translates seamlessly into the art of officiating weddings, where she skillfully crafts each ceremony into a personalized and memorable love story. Rachel’s ceremonies are more than just a union; they are an experience that reflects the essence of each couple.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Rachel is a seasoned financial coach and real estate professional. Her practical and strategic mindset allows her to navigate the complexities of marriage, ensuring that each couple embarks on their journey with a strong foundation. Having celebrated a decade of marriage herself, Rachel intimately understands the commitment and dedication required to make love last.

Rachel’s own wedding, nestled in the serene mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park, serves as a testament to her love for Colorado and her belief in the transformative power of nature. This experience has left an indelible mark on her, inspiring her to create weddings that not only celebrate love but also honor the stunning landscapes that make Colorado so enchanting.

When you choose Rachel March as your wedding officiant, you’re not just getting someone to facilitate your ceremony; you’re gaining a guide who will curate a momentous occasion tailored to your unique love story. Rachel’s passion for love, commitment, and the picturesque Colorado scenery makes her the perfect choice for couples seeking a wedding officiant who goes above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience.

Our Colorado Springs Team

Jason Antalek, Officiant

Home base: Colorado Springs

Meet Jason, a versatile and enthusiastic member of our officiant team. As your wedding officiant, Jason is dedicated to creating a ceremony that celebrates your unique story with authenticity and warmth. His adaptability and experience in the heart of celebrations position him to deliver a ceremony that is both meaningful and memorable.

Jason has a unique lens into what makes celebrations resonate.  Once owner and operator of the Public Speakers Association, Jason continues to travel and speak across the nation and internationally. He currently blends his insights and authenticity through his home based business as an intuitive and teacher.

With a background as a DJ since the early ’90s, Jason has orchestrated the ambiance for a myriad of events, from nightclubs to festive receptions to grand festivals. His experience in catering and event management, highlighted by his work during major events at the Ball Arena, has given him a unique lens into what makes celebrations resonate.

Jason’s deep understanding of diverse wedding elements – and his commitment to personalization – ensure each ceremony is both custom-tailored and resonant with each couple’s unique story.

In his personal life, Jason cherishes living close to family in Colorado Springs. His hobbies, including pottery, motorcycle riding, and enjoying 70s rock music and live concerts, enrich his self expression and appreciation of life’s joyful moments.

DeeDee Lake, Officiant

Home base: Colorado Springs (June, 2024) & San Antonio, TX (rest of year)

Being married for forty years has certainly given DeeDee a continued passion for commitment and extraordinary marriages. She is enthusiastic about her own marriage and yours. She is dedicated to making your special day one to remember and is honored to be a wedding officiant.

She is the Connection Expert, a certified relationship coach, graduate of the National Speaker’s Academy, member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Assoc. and Hill Country Women in Business, published author and columnist, Author Relations Coordinator with CrossRiver Media, Author Coach, a Navy brat, and a retired Army wife. You can be sure, DeeDee’s at wherever fun and beautiful memories are happening.

With grandkids in two states, she shares her time between Colorado and Texas. Her sweet hubby, cranky shih tzu, and crazy golden doodle are always ready for a road trip. DeeDee loves: God, her man, family, friends, and potatoes. DeeDee is a hopeless, unapologetic romantic and believes relationships are built on conversation at a time.