Finding the perfect Colorado Location

Let’s talk about the differences between an elopement and a micro wedding.

ELOPEMENT, by our definition, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re running off for a secret wedding… but it can. An elopement is often a very small, intimate ceremony with just an officiant (or self-officiating) and photographer. It can also be with a few of your closest loved ones too.

  • Simple ceremony with vows, ring exchange, and the kiss. The ceremony can have prayers, scriptures and readings as well.
  • No decorations and oftentimes no flowers (bouquets)
  • No chairs (guests stand)

A MICRO WEDDING, is a bit more. Micro weddings are designed for up to 50 guests (average 25) and can include:

  • A full ceremony
  • Chairs, arch, and decorations
  • Flowers for the bridal party
  • Cake and treats for guests
  • Toasting the couple
  • First dance
  • and can also include a catered meal or on-site BBQ depending on the location.

We speak from experience when we say finding the PERFECT Colorado location for your elopement or micro wedding is F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G!

Everywhere you look Colorado has amazing views, so which one is right? What are the permitting or reservation requirements? What about foot traffic?

All of these questions – and more – is why we compiled a guide to the most popular or unique spots to hold your elopement or micro wedding!

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