Recently, on a Facebook group post, a Bride asked if it was okay to get married on a Monday.  It’s not only okay, it’s a smart way to stretch your wedding budget and get MORE for LESS!

At Elevate Wedding Officiant, we perform hundreds of weddings each year and this gives us a great deal of data on trends.  We took a look at our books to see what days are popular for weddings, and which days are not.

  • Monday – 5.38%
  • Tuesday – 2.31%
  • Wednesday – 6.15%
  • Thursday – 10%
  • Friday – 23.08%
  • Saturday – 42.31%
  • Sunday – 10.77%

Obviously Saturday is the most popular day at 42.31%, but let’s take a look at Monday and Tuesday – the two LEAST utilized dates. At first glance, it may seem odd.  Scheduling travel could be challenging.  Many wedding vendors may even take Monday’s and Tuesday’s off.

So why would you even want to consider having a wedding on Monday or Tuesday?


Simply asking the question,

“What kind of a discount will you offer if we have our wedding on Monday or Tuesday?”

… may save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

For those traveling to your ceremony there might be an added bonus for them as well… lower air fare and hotel rates!

I don’t know about you, but I can think of a few ways to spend the savings!


By Denise O’Malley, Business Manager / Officiant