You’re likely investing many dollars into your big day, especially if you’re having it at a venue.  It’s also likely the venue has required you have event liability insurance.

No one ever wants to think about cancelling all of the plans, but life happens and sometimes cancellation is your only option.

Last night I received word from a client getting married next month that their young daughter was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. If the venue will not let them out of their contract – and it’s highly unlikely that they will – they’ll proceed as planned. However, if their child has to be hospitalized in the days before their ceremony, they will have no choice but to cancel all plans and be responsible for all monies owed.

As a former insurance executive, now an Officiant, I did my homework.  Wedding Cancellation Insurance would have covered their financial losses… but the kicker is you have to buy the insurance BEFORE you think something might happen.  In the case of my client, it’s too late to buy the coverage as the likelihood of their daughter becoming hospitalized again is too great.

Let’s just say that there are reasons I left the insurance industry and situations like this is one of them.

It’s probably not too late for you to protect the huge investment you have in your wedding!  I checked on prices with, and $25,000 of coverage is less than $300.  That’s a small price to pay for peace of mind over your wedding budget.

By Denise O’Malley, Business Manager / Officiant