You’ve dreamt of having the ultimate Colorado wedding at the top of a mountain with deep blue sky and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.  You don’t even have to close your eyes to picture it, right?  What happens when Mother Nature interrupts your vision with her own plan?

Colorado is a destination wedding location for many couples, and as a long-time Coloradan, I get it.  A native Californian, I’ve loved living here for the past 30+ years.  Almost every single day I can enjoy a view of the mountains from my home in the Denver area and driving ‘up the hill’ is like going on vacation every single time.

Did you catch that I said, ‘Almost every single day’?

Mother Nature can be a bit – shall we say – fickle?  Weather can change quickly and if you’re not accustomed to it, it can catch you off-guard.  Heck, it catches the natives and almost-natives like me off-guard too.

If you are planning to get married in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, I humbly suggest there are special considerations to keep in mind.  While snow or even rain will make for beautiful pictures, it can wreck havoc on transportation, site accessibility, and vendor/guest safety.

If you’re planning your wedding on your own, I strongly recommend that you HIRE AT LEAST ONE LOCAL VENDOR!!!  Local vendors, such as a photographer or officiant, have experience with weddings in Colorado’s high country and can best advise you on desired locations.  They know the terrain, what to watch out for, and provide invaluable guidance to ensure the vision you have for your wedding becomes reality… they are worth every penny!

Let me give you a real-life example of what I mean.  Last year I had a consultation with a couple from out-of-state who had booked the most gorgeous airbnb literally at the top of a mountain.  Their goal was to have a sunset ceremony (OMG what gorgeous pictures they would have) followed by dinner from a private chef.  This would be an elopement without guests, but the photographer, officiant, and chef would all be navigating to and from the airbnb.

  • At the top of the mountain.
  • At the end of a narrow windy road with steep drop-offs.
  • Without street lights to guide them.
  • At night.
  • In the month of March – one of Colorado’s snowiest months.
    (As it turns out, their date would be in the middle of the record breaking snowfall we’re experiencing as I write this).

Picture of traffic jam in heavy snowfallThe couple, being from out-of-state, were holding so tight onto the vision of this particular airbnb with gorgeous sunset pictures followed by a candlelit dinner on the outside deck.

But I had concerns should Colorado get one of our infamous dumping of spring snow.  The LAST thing I would ever want to happen is for anyone to be stuck in traffic for hours, not be able to get to the venue, or – heavens forbid – end up in a ditch (or worse) as I did last October in roughly the same area as their airbnb.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t honestly share my concerns; so I offered my perspective and advice in order TO FIND A WAY TO ENSURE THEIR VISION BECOMES REALITY.

I this case, it backfired on me and the couple decided to go with another officiant.

Fact is, although I’m sorry we didn’t get to work together, I’m okay with their decision.  I hope they got the wedding they wanted and that their vendors also had a good experience.

And with the feet of snow that area received today, I really hope they changed their plans.

By Denise O’Malley, Managing Officiant
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