Unity ceremonies within your wedding symbolize your lives coming together as one and are oftentimes after the exchange of rings and before the proclamation.

Common unity ceremonies are the lighting of candles, the blending of sand, or handfasting (the ultimate ‘tying of the knot’!).  When it comes to unity ceremonies, you can get as creative as you want as – get this – there are NO rules to follow!

You can keep your unity ceremony sweet with boxing up a love letter to each other with your favorite wine to open on your first anniversary, or literally go sweet with the ever-popular Chocolate & Champagne ceremony (dark chocolate representing the bitter in life, and champagne to represent the sweet).

Or truly embrace your unique love story with a ceremony none of your guests have ever seen before.  Personally, I love helping couples craft outside-the-box ideas.  One of our brides loved a certain bourbon, her groom a particular beer… we created a bourbon & beer unity ceremony that guests are still talking about!  And I don’t think I’ll ever forget the volcano unity ceremony!

If the idea of a unity ceremony appeals to you, and you need help coming up with ideas, contact us!

By Denise O’Malley, Managing Officiant