In the bride/wedding Facebook groups, we often see this post: “LOOKING FOR AN OFFICIANT FOR MY WEDDING” followed immediately with comments from others saying, “You don’t need to hire an officiant in Colorado, get a friend to do it for free!” 👀  It’s true, in Colorado and many other states you can self-officiate or ask someone to assume that role and – if you search Google – you will find MANY sample scripts to use.
So, if you can get an officiant for free, why in the world would you want to pay hundreds to more than a thousand dollars for a professional officiant?
Last week we had a delightful conversation with Terry, a retired school teacher, who had been asked to officiate the wedding of a former student. Of course he said ‘YES!’, and then reality set in.  Anyone can download a script from the internet, and anyone can read a script, but what about the numerous little details that no one really talks about?  That’s what Terry was concerned about!
Like what to do with the rings?
Or what do you do when the flower girl gets stage fright and refuses to walk down the aisle?
How do you respond when the bride/groom wants ideas about customizing sections of the ceremony?
  • Being an Officiant is about knowing how to be a public speaker and running weddings. Projecting the voice, knowing when to add certain nuances, handling interruptions and unexpected malfunctions, and working the crowd.  Yes, you can save money and have anyone read a script. The bigger question is this…
    What memories do you want when you look back on your special day?
  • Sometimes it means being someone to lean on.  I had the honor recently of marrying a young couple.  It was a last-minute ceremony, the family was overwhelmed and money was tight.  It was a DIY micro-wedding from beginning to end: no photographer, no caterer, and decorations bought at a big-box store the day before.  It was also one of the most love-filled, beautiful events I’ve ever witnessed.  They chose to splurge with hiring a professional officiant. I asked the mom who hired me if she would like for me to step in and take charge of the wedding line-up and other details.  With a sigh of relief and tears in her eyes, she said “Yes.”  Weddings are an everyday occurrence in our world, not theirs, and a professional can take the guesswork and stress out of the day.
  • Most important, being an Officiant is all about knowing how to create the lasting memory. And that comes from experience. 

If you have someone who can do the job, great… go for it!  But if you do not, hire a professional. The professional Officiant has seen it all and answered every question you can imagine. They can make suggestions that lead to creating those fond memories.

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By Denise O’Malley, Managing Officiant