Money….this term can bring about a host of emotions for many couples. What is your relationship with money and finances?

One of the biggest areas of challenge for many couples can be money. Do you need more of it? Do you not know what to do with it all? Are your wedding expenses causing stress? Have you talked about money and how it will be managed?

This is a topic that needs to be discussed thoroughly in marriage. Do you have a shared account? If yes, what are the rules regarding the shared account? Is one partner more of the primary breadwinner than the other? What are those rules? Do you each have set spending amount agreements? Who pays the bills? How much have you agreed to save for the future every month?

This is not always a fun topic but answer these questions together. Money is important and even more important, is to be in total agreement. Discuss this category of marriage.

If you ever need to discuss how to have an Elevated Marriage, I am always here for you and continue to offer Marital Coaching. Elevate Marriage Coaching isn’t about how to fix challenges. It is about discussing many topics that will prevent challenges. It is about how to engage in a long-lasting loving marriage.

And always remember to………Elevaaaate! 🙂

By Keppen Laszlo, Officiant Emeritus and Founder of Elevate