Kids! Kids! Kids! If you have kids at home, you can relate to how busy summers are when they aren’t in school! Kids are a blessing. They are a gift. They are your legacy.

Have you and your fiance talked about kids? Do you already have kids? Is your marriage a blended family?

One of my favorite parts of our ceremonies is the Kid Vows. This is where the new step or bonus parent performs a repeat after me vow to their new kids as they officially become theirs. It is super special. It’s so important to include them in the new beginning – the new beginning of the family unit.

If you don’t have kids yet, have you talked about if you both want kids or not? Have you talked about a timeframe? This is a great conversation and of course, one that should definitely be had prior to getting married.

If you haven’t yet, have the conversation today. If you have kids at home, how about a big family hug today. Kids are great. Enjoy them. Enjoy the gift of children.

Have a wonderful month and always remember to………Elevaaaate! 🙂