Have you ever looked at each other’s health habits? This is one of those areas that can be a little more relevant once you say, ” I Do.”  We all have choices in how we operate our health on a day-to-day basis. This is usually most evident through our actions with exercise, nutrition, mindset, and certain types of healthcare. The reason this topic is relevant is it plays a major role in our relationships.

Will you buy organic groceries or regular? Will you pay for gym memberships through your own funds or your family fund? When you have kids, will they take medication when they are sick or will you go a more natural route first? For fast food, do you stop at McDonald’s or Subway?  We all know health is important and the purpose of this message is to make sure you are both lined up with your health habits as a couple and a family. 

Do you share the same lifestyle health habits? Are you on the same page on how to stay healthy? Do you both have the same health philosophy?  Do you accept each other’s health philosophy? 

On your next date night, have a discussion on what health means to each of you. Talk about what the health branch of your life looks like and is going to look like once you are married. These types of conversations ensure smooth sailing as you grow in your marriage.

By Keppen Laszlo, Officiant Emeritus and Founder of Elevate