How long does it take you to forgive each other?

As you know, relationships have ups and downs, just like anything in life. What makes marriage so beautiful is it is an eternal commitment.  It just doesn’t make sense to hold on to any resentment. Practice forgiveness quickly. See where the other person was coming from and have an open discussion. 

My wife and I are coming up on 21 years of marriage this year and when we have disagreements, we both remember that our commitment is perfect. There may be times when it’s challenging but we always know that marriage isn’t perfect however, our commitment to each other is. With this mindset, it just doesn’t make sense to hold a grudge. I want to be happy. You want to be happy. Your spouse or future spouse wants to be happy. Forgive and forgive quickly.

Release any tension, unresolved disagreement, and most importantly any resentment. It’s worked for us! 🙂  Let the April winds be a reminder that it is temporary and can blow through quickly. 

By Keppen Laszlo, Officiant Emeritus and founder of Elevate