Have you and your love talked about roles in the marriage yet?  Have you talked about who does what and when? This can be an area of a lot of difficulties especially when kids arrive.  

Marriage is a team and it is the most important team in your life.  Is your marriage team winning?  

Take the time to discuss who does what in your marriage. Who is the primary breadwinner? Who cooks? Who cleans? Who watches the baby? Who mows the lawn? Who pays the bills? Etc.  Every couple has a different plan for the roles in their marriage and the most important thing is to actually have assigned roles.  As an example, my wife and I have had a role plan for 21 years. It has changed many times during the years based on our kid’s needs. What works with us is separately assigned duties HOWEVER always being able to ask the other to take over or help when overwhelmed.  Roles are about teamwork and the finish line is a joyful marriage. 

by Keppen Laszlo, Officiant Emeritus and Founder of Elevate