Have you ever heard that marriage is scary? I certainly have. The good thing is, marriage is a new beginning and an exciting adventure.  It doesn’t need to be scary.  Marriage is the beginning of a new journey, a deepened level of commitment. It is the beginning of more joy and happiness shared with your lifelong partner. 

How we think of marriage is extremely important. We have heard the old adage, “ball and chain” or others similar. Well, if that is how we think about marriage, then yes, that is pretty scary. The only thing scary about marriage is not addressing any “red flags” that you know are present. If those aren’t addressed before marriage, then again, yes, marriage can be scary. 

Fully commit to having the conversations that you have not wanted to have. When you approach marriage as 100% acceptance of one another, you are certainly on the right track. Marriage is wonderful. Is it work? Of course. But… when you work on your marriage, your marriage will be much easier on both of you. Marriage is a gift. It is amazing.  

Keep remembering to….Elevaate! 🙂  And if you want to send me a video of your ceremony this week before the deadline, please do. We would love a copy.