Fall has approached and beautiful Colorado is changing seasons.   Autumn time is fantastic here!   If you’re reading this, you have recently been married or are getting married soon!

We have been blessed with many wonderful couples to marry in 2021! It’s time for our annual compilation video!  We would be honored to have parts of your ceremony included.  If you had your ceremony video recorded, would you like to be part of this year’s compilation video?  It would mean the world to us to have you be part of it.

If your ceremony was recorded, professionally or on your own, send us your video by 10.15.21 and we will make a wonderful video of the highlights. Thank you so much and again, we would love to have you participate.  Send me an email at keppen@elevatebook.com to see the best way to send it. Thank you and keep remembering to….Elevaate! 🙂