“Is there ever a time for divorce?” 

I know this question is not a very fun one to think about however, with the current statistics, we all know divorce is real. So how do we avoid it? Do you and your fiancé or spouse have deal breaker rules?  Have you ever sat down and agreed on these rules? Again, not very fun to talk about however, when we bring these rules to light, and both mutually agree on them, they are much less likely to be broken. 

I have been married to my beautiful wife for 20 years now. We are coming up on our 20th-year vow renewal this year. We know our rules. In my opinion, there is only one time for divorce – When one person is no longer willing to make it work. That’s one of our rules. If one wants to make it work and the other does not, and is certain that they do not, then…..well…that just isn’t the mutual agreement you made from day one.  I know for a fact that marriage is one of the most beautiful gifts we have in life and I really don’t like the phrase, “make it work”.  Marriage is so much better than “making it work.”  Marriage is amazing. Commitment with your partner for life is amazing. Have the conversations so that you can have an Elevated marriage – one that thrives and brings you both joy.  

Elevate your marriage.  Show each other mutual respect and be open about the deal-breakers.

By Keppen Laszlo, Officiant Emeritus and Founder of Elevate