We are in full swing with this beautiful weather!  I love this time of year! You?

One of my favorite sections to include in wedding ceremonies is the question, “What three qualities do you love about the other?” This is not only one of the most beautiful parts of the ceremony, it is also a wonderful exercise for the future bride and groom to do. Why?  Because it is an exercise built around focusing on what we love about our soon-to-be spouse. 🙂  This is a sheet you can pull out for many years to come and share with each other. When we read what we wrote, we can’t help but feel tremendous love towards our Bride/Groom.

What do you love about each other?  What are the three qualities you love the most about each other?  Is it time for another date night? 🙂 If you are already married, the answer is yes!  If you are waiting to share this question with each other at the ceremony, then please do! 🙂

I have been with my my beautiful wife for over 20 years now. These marriage tips are gold. 🙂

Together…. continue to Elevaaate! 🙂

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