Spring Time is approaching for 2021!!  Are you ready to come out of hibernation and get back to doing what you both love to do together?

Whether you are recent honeymooners or still in the planning phase, it is so important to remember what you both have in common for interests and hobbies! It’s so important to spend that quality time together.  I was recently talking to a couple that both love the outdoors. He loved to fly fish and she loved to read.  They may not have shared the common interests of fishing and reading, but they certainly both shared the common interest of the outdoors.  He reels in the fish and she enjoys a new book under the shade of a tree. Together they found the perfect solution to spend quality time together doing something they both enjoy doing.

When the snow comes this weekend, make an individual list of your interests and hobbies. Compare your lists and go schedule some fun time together! 🙂

I have been doing more and more Elevate Marriage Coaching for pre-marital couples. It’s these little tips that create joy. If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out.

Together…. continue to Elevaaate! 🙂

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