Keep your love ELEVATED with this simple, yet powerful practice!

Picture of a couple holding hands: Elevate your marriage

As a service to you, I will be sending out occasional marriage blogs like this one. The purpose is to continue to Elevate your marriage.  The joy of marriage can truly be everlasting!  Have you ever thought about what you want your new marriage to continue to stand for? Lots of love? Lots of patience? Even more fun? Let’s start with a little trick. Whatever you WANT lots of, you must continually GIVE more of. Do you want to continue to experience abundant love from each other? Give each other even more love. Do you want to continue to be listened to? Listen even more.  Do you want to continue to respect each other? Continue to give even more respect. This is one of those rules of marriage that is very simple to do and makes a huge difference. Together, your marriage will continue to Elevaaate! 🙂  Cheers to your continued new life together!